The skill of writing a song is not something you can use at the office Monday morning, and it might not get you rich, but it is however, still a skill that very few have the ability to do. Like anything else it takes dedication and discipline. And I will try to to simplify it as much as possible. After all, there is no right way or wrong way to lay it down.

1. The first thing you'll need to decide is what genre are you going to be writing in. It helps to know to get a basic feel.

2. The next thing is how many beats per minute will it be. If you aren't sure,most standard beats are four beats per measure, or 4/4, which is the time signature. You can sound out the beats that way.

3.What is your song about? It's true that if you have a voice or have a place that the song comes from, you will connect with more listeners. And subject matter changes from genre to genre. Some topics are more relatable depending on the genre. Hip/hop+single mother, or rock+defying the law.

4. What instruments are you going to use? drums or beat box, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards? organ or piano?

5.Figure out what chords you wanna use. Obviously each key of a song requires its own use of chords. You can go rogue and play the chords you want, or you can figure out the right key that the chords correspond with. You will sound much more professional if you play in a key. Plus when you need to write more parts of the song, you'll need the key to get those parts right.I will get into finding the key later.

These are the first five steps to writing a song. The next five steps will be constructing the song.