Recording basics: Amazon

Ten absolutes for recording

ten things you have to have to start:

1. computer (apple or pc)

2. DAW (digital audio workstation) 

3. Mic & cable( condenser mic for vocals in studio & XLR mic cable)

4. Pop Stopper (DIY)

5. Mic stand (6 inch or stand up)

6. monitor speakers (studio grade)

7. headphones (studio quality)

8. 1 extra 6ft. quarter inch guitar cord for running guitar direct.

9. interface (Focusrite or Presonus 2 channel inputs)

10. picks

Hello again: When it comes to recording and starting out , be careful not to lose your shirt with "must haves". The list I made is everything you will need. Take the list in with you to any guitar store and they will get you set-up. Just for kicks, I went over to Amazon to see what they were offering, and I was amazed at what I found. One stop Shopping! for a great price $$

I'm going to show you a rough estimate of prices. Let's say you already have a computer to use.

1. have


3. mic & cable- $150

4. Pop stopper- $15

5. mic stand- $40

6. monitors- $100

7. headphones- $100

8. extra cord- $10.00

9. interface- $100

10. picks- N/A

total $615.00 that's crazy!

*compare that to the Presonus (11) recording gear Bundle(down below) $349.99 it's almost cut in half. I believe everything from the list is listed in this bundle. And its the most comprehensive bundle! 

best value Presonus 96 Audio interface bundle

best mileage for your dollars

what's included
1.   1x AudioBox 96  Audio Interface

2.  Studio One Artist Software Pack

3. 1 x Eris 3.5 Pair Monitors

4. 1 x Studio Microphone           with XLR Cable

5.   1 x Pop Filter

6. 1 x Professional          Headphones  

7.   1 x ¼” Male to ¼” Male Instrument TS Balance Cable

8.    1 x Kit Stereo  Cables

9.   1 x  Professional     Boom  Stand w/ 3/8”       and 5/8”thread mount

10.   1 x Pop Filter