On the road

Doing some touring? How much would it cost to rent a Provost couch per day on tour?

What a great idea? A brand new shiny-black Coach bus with chrome on the wheels, on the bumpers, along the sides, with the giant cargo bays underneath to haul around your new Fatboy. Yup, Yup, I can see it now! So like any great journey, I had to find out what I'm gonna be looking at? or what you're gonna, wait, what we're gonna be looking at for a chunk of precious metal like these buses. Even slightly used will work if necessary, So I got to work, and I found the best appraisals and estimates available to the general public. So let's get our hands dirty!


1. Will you need to haul a trailer behind it? The gas mileage on one of these carriers is at most 6 mpg. If you have a trailer about 5 mpg. Okay? Are you still there?  

2. Daily Driver Rate  

You cant have a bus without a professional driver. The rates are typically between $280 for a crew hauler, and about $250 for an artist bus.  

3. Deadhead miles  

These are the miles where there is no freight or load. An example would be going to pickup the band for the tour.  

4. Actual Miles  

between shows, you need a lift when the show is over.  

5. Gas Itself  

While you are out there burning up the midnight oil, you have to occasionally fill up. Diesel fuel can run between $2.50 - $4.00.  

6. Overdrive miles  

This can get a little confusing, but it's when the engine is moving but not always needing the constant acceleration, or picture riding a ten speed, and you get up a hill and coast down. The bike speed stays the same, but you no longer need to be peddling to move at the same rate.  

7. Promotional wrap  

This is getting the bus to be in your corner, or at least look like its your biggest fan.  

Now that these 7 things have all been considered. You can count on paying for gas taxes, licenses,fee's,hotels for the driver as he can only drive up to 10 hrs a day, driver per Diem, bus cleaning and maintenance all to get you to the show, now on a 100 day concert venue tour as you see there are lots of variables, The figure I got as an average is $500-1000.00 per day. Total cost of bus and all of it's care for 100 days would be about 100,000 dollars, which would be included in the $500-1000.00 per day.

After averaging everything out, The magic number a band would need to come up with daily to keep one tour bus on the road would be: $750.00 Daily which if you have good gigs, no sweat! If no one's there, "Hey guy, Could we have a meeting this afternoon, yeah, the numbers aren't really adding up, and we feel it's time to go in a different direction. I like you, I think you're great! But the kids, they aren't out there like we hoped they would be." So best of luck and stay in touch! Tell your wife I'm sorry! it's just business!



The original question was how much would it cost daily to rent a couch on tour, $750.00