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Nirvana "REAL" letter from Journal firing drummer Dave from early on. 

So of course, late at night, when not a creature was stirring, but this one happened to be looking into something from the Smithsonian. I was looking at an old Journal that was given to historians after the passing of Nirvana front man, Kurt Cobain. A lot of people have reservations about this matter one way or another. I have mine, but its kind of old hat at this point, and as long as people are alive that would be hurt by ongoing dialog regarding this matter, I think it's better to let it be. I did find…

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You're MAD! simply MAD! 

Bare with me as I get accustomed to writing in a blog or blogging as some say. After scanning the news I found that Jodie Foster's long time admirer and President Reagan's near fatal sharpshooter, John Hinckley has made the headlines with strange news. The man was released in 2016 to his Mother's home in Virginia. Everyone knows that right? The man that tried to snuff out our sitting president back in 1980-81 has been walking around with few limitations. His Doctor's believed and still believe that the …Read more