You're MAD! simply MAD!

Bare with me as I get accustomed to writing in a blog or blogging as some say. After scanning the news I found that Jodie Foster's long time admirer and President Reagan's near fatal sharpshooter, John Hinckley has made the headlines with strange news. The man was released in 2016 to his Mother's home in Virginia. Everyone knows that right?

The man that tried to snuff out our sitting president back in 1980-81 has been walking around with few limitations. His Doctor's believed and still believe that the mental illness that rendered him mentally insane has somehow through the decades reversed itself. I smell a con? First of all, mental illness has been underresearched and up until recently, was taboo even to bring up in casual conversation. The body can break, and sprain, splinter and hemorage, but anything in the brain is not appropriate to discuss. I would personally think with all of the many tasks that the brain undergoes, that would be the spot to start first when it comes to injury. 

Anyway, back to Hinckley, He's been staying with his mother and brother in Virginia, but he is looking to move across the country to California to get into what industry? The record industry. He plays and sings and says he is interested in taking a job on the west coast at a record label. I mean it seems like a nutsy business to me, but now it will actually be confirmed as carazy. 

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