Asap Rocky Guilty in Sweden


ASAP Rocky found guilty in Sweden of assaulting a fan. What is up with hip/hop artists and the behavior they exhibit. I understand that they come from homes that are of the lowest possible execution of positive parenting. They have to rely on being tough at all times. When they graduate to stardom and they sign a big deal, they get money and fame and social appeal. Why would someone lower themselves to react to something that a pedestrian on the street might say. Are you so thin-skinned that you can blow up just that fast or are you that angry?  That the wrong syllable will move you to strike? I'm sorry again, but a person that has that purpensity for coming unglued should be an exhibit at the local zoo. Not driving next to a family of five that low and behold might make a wrong turn and cut him off by accident, and there goes the neighborhood!

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