Huge News 8/27/2019

So it came in off the wire and Sirius/XM bought Pandora to get into the streaming game, but also into the podcasting arena that has been played down for years as a not gonna happen industry, which in turn is doing just the opposite of not gonna, more like she is in my front seat right now and we're going to Vegas to be Mr and Mrs Pandora "make me the richest bitch around" Sirius/XM. It may have costed a few billion, but a bargain for the market share. This new company has enormous plans for new technology, new applications, and all out "give 'em hell" in a brown lunch sack Molly Parker! 

But the best news of all, They are taking submissions for independent artists to be played on Pandora like Spotify and the others have been doing all along, but this is much better cause the audience size is huge!!!! How to apply? Why did you ask me that? oh yeah, you have to go through Distrokid and another distributor to be even in the running. I would begin there. So thank me later as we're both fighting over the same half-eaten hot dog in the trash receptacle

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