Deaths in commercial music

In my lifetime I have seen some great stars come and go. From Kurt Cobain, Chester Bennington, Layne Staley, Mike Starr, and of course Chris Cornell. I have read as much into these investigations as I could get my hands on. No matter what I read, there are always some circumstances that there is no sane explanation for. And when I ask other people for their opinions, they seem to not have the knowledge that I have. The first being the death of Chris Cornell. 

Chris Cornell was found shortly after hanging himself in a hotel room bathroom in Detroit. What people don't know is that Cornell had just released a video for his song,"I nearly forgot my broken heart" in which Cornell plays an old west gold prospector that is sent to the gallows ready to be hanged. He fantasizes about a woman and is dropped from the gallows to hang. Eric Roberts plays in the video alongside Cornell I clearly remember. I watched this at the same time as Cornell's death. The similarities are parallel to say the least. Then when I went back to reference this video for this piece, it was a completely different video. Obviously I wasn't the only one to see the similarities. Crazy huh?

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