9/27/2019- I'm Alive!

Hey high rollers, it's been a crazy, crazy last 2 weeks. I wasn't intending to turn the website into a headless monster, but it happened anyway. As a lot of you know, promotion has been the way I've gone to attract readers to the blog, but I caught a few hornets in my net. They were relentless and hard to shake. Basically I've been down because a couple really terrific people with vile intentions caused my devices to lock up.

Now, I'm not talking viruses here, and I don't know how many people have even heard of this yet, but I'll explain the circumstances. Someone sent me a text to update his phone about 10 months ago right. Well, about 14 days ago I tried to erase that number or file in my contacts on my phone. The reason, not applicable. No such luck. Wouldn't budge. I thought wait a minute, a file I can't remove. This is not right. So I began checking the settings on my phone. Last security update, 3 months ago and I never was the wiser. Oblivious I guess. What I discovered was that the remote access point was how he was getting on to the phone, there, he turned on the file sharing and public network access settings. So for the last ten months, this guy has been in my texts and listening to calls, exposing me to the cyber world, and the sludge it brings forth. His only goal was to make me as vulnerable to injury as he could. As if I have offended this man so deeply that he personally had to ruin my life.

Then when I went to get a new phone, his presence went from the old one right into the new one with now heightened sensitivity to the point of delusion, I guess because the two phones were in range of each other, and I was freaked out of my mind.. This ordeal has costed a small fortune already, and my trust level is none existent. I have so much rage that I don't know yet how to deal with it properly, and without coming out sideways. I'm so ready to scream!

In closing, I can't say I've been a victim before, but this is as close to feeling like one as I hoped to ever. It has taught me to reel it in a bit. You can't be putting yourself out there without snagging on a couple of sea wretches, it isn't worth it. Why open yourself up if you become a human target? I'd much rather stay in a shell than go through the terror of the last two weeks. Each day, it was another challenge to meet, and it got tiring! Thank you so much for bearing with me through this and hopefully consistency is on the way. If your devices haven't done updates recently or your device is not syncing, you may want to have it looked at for not only spies, but all the other viruses that can cripple our livlihoods!


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