Rock n' Roll hand signs

When a tech or roadie flashes you with these signs, they are saying what?

A. 2 minutes and I'll help with the lighting rig.

B. I'll cut it myself, your mullet.

C. That'll be two bean burrito's and don't forget the sourcream.

How about the one index finger gesture

A. Alright, I need one electrician to wire this up.

B. One encore and that's it! show's over.

C. Who's a little fuzzy baby? Yes, aren't you cute and cuddly.

How about this one, we have all got before?

A. We got no hours. The buses and tractor Trailers were parked all night.

B. It wasn't any bigger than a golf ball that hit the 2nd engine , causing it to go down.

C. Just keep tracing, it'll look like a turkey!

And finally, the finger tuck gesture

A. strike one

B. How would you like a knuckle sandwich? I'll show you, keep talking mister!

C. I know right? Look at these nails. Like, I have to get a manicure like soon. The Asian shop on the strip is Amazing!(vocal Fry on his voice)

Get in the Ring WK #5

A man stuck in a Nirvana, but knew he was always a FOO Fighter



Can charm the King Cobra by humming three bars of, "The sky is a playground".

Wards off vixens by secret gayness towards drummer, T

Seductive charm labeled "nicest guy in rock",but is also deemed, "crabbiest guy on rock" by  ADDICT monthly


Has been known to whistle dixie in a bathhouse in Aberdeen, Wa.

Known to over promise jello shots at "Be Dave for a Day" radio promotions.

Refers to his band mates as his partners in crime. that's right! the crime is his bandmates' being made famous on a school teacher's wages, and they smile with their lunch boxes in-hand!  "okay guys, you heard the man, get to work!"

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A man that was once trapped inside a presidential closet, Mr.

Marilyn Manson


Has the liver of a Balouga whale passing 27 scripts of narcotics during an episode of MAAD.

Carries reptilian sized front teeth, also called fangs by Vampire hunters.

Voted scariest creature to dawn the cover of a breakfast cereal called, "COBWEBS for kids"


Gets uncomfortable at the mention of a 1960's movie screen legend adorning the same first name as him.

Begins to convulse at the obsessive thought that a Playboy bunny that slept with the president and his brother might get confused for him.

Crazy, crazy, insane rage at that B&%ch that stole his name.

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