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You write the blog as a guest fill-in. Keep the topic about music and crank out about a page of content. Get creative as you can and I will post the entries, and give the top prize a brand new "hifrequencymancave" t-shirt made by Gildan heavy cottons. Send your entry 1 per person to: contest opens until 1/01/2020 @ midnight. Please include a jpg of yourself, plus your name and your hometown.

Start sending in your entries today!

Start sending in your entries today!

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Look who made it in?

Look who made it in?

+++++++++++++++  STRENGTHS

  • Cast-iron lung w/ reenforced rebar+                        Chem trails from cigarettes leave opponents punch drunk and quivering like small children.

  •  resident contracted-constrictors   clean up dinner guests leaving the Champ fit as a fiddle  


 Pancreas is said to be hanging by a Chuck Converse Allstar shoe lace from the 1960's

  • During a physical examination, Fighter's blood type appears to be: A minor
  • World Famous top hat adorned by guitarist is said to be an apartment, where Slash hangs out when the old lady is not cool!


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Something's strange in the neighborhood. Who you gonna call?

Something's strange in the neighborhood. Who you gonna call?


  • Can disappear in the blink of an eye.

  • Will answer to Casper, paleface, and On the go, Joe

  • Walks around with an empty 1.75 liter of Jack claiming it runs right through him-----------------------------challenges----

  • fatigued easy due to no nutrients, vitamins, or body.

  • Is chronicly asked, "Do you see dead people?"

  • Has trouble taking the lid off of the casket nightly, so no one is wise to him being, you know? different!